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$3.33 = 6 Cards

(#1)   Message From Spirit                                             

3 Cards = $3.33                                                               

(Health & Court not Included)                                                                                                                     

(#2)    Mini Readings

3 Cards = $3.33

(Health & Court not Included)

 (#3)     General Reading                                                 

6 Cards = $6.66                                                               

(Health & Court not Included)                                                                                                                

(#4)  General Love Reading

6 Cards = $6.66

(Health & Court not Included)

(#5)        Make-A-Wish!

$5.55 = Includes Explanation If wish is not granted                                   

*Includes Timecard if wish is granted

#6)    SoulMate/TwinFlame Match Reading         

*Matches = $11.11

*Plus 3rd Party = $12.12


(#7)  Full Readings

*20 Cards = $20.20

*10 Cards = $10.10

(Health & Court not Included)

(#8)   Court Related Questions

*1Q = 3 Cards = $20.20

*2Q = 6 Cards = $25.25

*3Q = 9 Cards = $30.30

 (Readings are Refundable)

(#9)    Monthly Subscription 🌟 

Receive up to 24 Mini Readings a Month. Every Wednesdays & Thursdays you will receive 3 readings each. After subscribing send me your first 3 questions (no health or court related).

*Monthly Subscription= $22.22 - up to 24 Mini Readings (readings delivered every weds/thurs)

*Bi Weekly Subscription= $11.11 - up to 12 Mini Readings (readings delivered on weds/thurs)


(#10)  Career  Reading                               

* Full Reading = $20.20

*1Q = $15.50

(Reading are Refundable)

(#11)        Simple Readings

*Y/N Q = 1-2 Cards = $2.22 Includes mini reading

*Time Frame Q = $3.33 Includes 3 cards (readings are Refundable)

(Health & Court not Included)


(#12)   Feelings Reading

*How They Feel for You = $5.55

*How They Feel for Someone Else - $8.88

(#13)  Energy Check Between You & Them = $11.11

Includes prerecorded video of the RODS in action.

How to Book a Reading:

Fill out the form below. Make sure to add everyone's name related to the question you have. On the second line put the # of the type of reading you would like to receive. Please make sure to be very clear of your question to avoid delays. Provide a valid email that you would like the video to be sent to. Turnaround time is 48hrs. If you need the reading within 24hrs, it comes with a fee of $4.44. Submitting this form, you are agreeing to the terms of how tarot is used. Tarot is for entertainment purposes only; I am not a doctor or a health advisor. Tarot shows you the possibilities & potential outcome that may or may not occur. Outcomes are subject to change due to our own free will. It's your responsibility to decide what choices is best for you, not tarot cards.

Payment Information

CashApp & PayPal:  $tarotinhaler

Let us know your experience with the readings in the comments below

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3 months ago

the reading was very interesting-and so unexpected🤣 but i’m gonna start by keeping tabs and being careful with what i promise to myself and others. thank you for your time and effort❤️. take caree❤️

thank you, i really appreciate it ❤️❤️

Gülten Kuntay
5 months ago

Was such an amazing reading 🤍🤍 it’s so obvious that she makes a lot of effort 🤍🤍 resonated so much with me, will definitely book again

10 months ago

Enjoyed your recent Capricorn reading on YouTube.
What is the name of the first tarot deck you used? It is the deck where the figures are in black silhouette?
Best wishes, Heather

a year ago

Her reading gave me so much insight on the self improvement journey I was going through, and picked up on my devotion towards it. She explained everything in clear detail and was also able to pick up the challenges that I might face during that journey.

Thank you so much once again for your generosity and I hope more people get to pick with you cause you’re truly amazing💗

a year ago

Amazing reader! I always look forward to her posts every week
Thank you for ur generosity
Loved your explaination clear,crisp to the point 💖💖💖 would definitely come for another one 💟

a year ago

Your reading was so good, and actually even though u said the zodiac energies doesn’t need to match but it actually matched his energy so much…you explained everything in details, thank uu💜

a year ago

I would like to thank you for your time and energy. The reading was very precise and covered all my questions. Joy’s reading was super helpful, the advice that they offered gave me so much of clarity. I’m very satisfied as I got the answers I was looking for.

a year ago

Hi, I would like to say thank you for your time and energy for that reading! I hope you won't expect much from my response. To be honest, when I asked for that reading maybe I was expecting something worse to hear because I honestly have bad experiences with that person, it lead me to walk away from our connection. We do not have contact at all for how many weeks now, so I got curious what she thinks of me now cause I still care. I really appreciate you reading for me but because I have trust issues and we have no contact I really don't know how to resonate well. Sorry, but the things you said such as I have earth and air signs, I am humble (kind of) and caring it's true. She also is a water sign (sun) Idk her big 3 though. And with her friends, I don't know them and I feel like sometimes she does talks to them about me. So that's how it is. Thank you again!

a year ago

Very helpful was super helpful I’ll definitely be asking for more advice ❤️

Rating: 5 stars
7 votes